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All lessons are listed below without duplicates, and can be read independently of each other. They are also grouped together to create learning topics, including courses “(c)” teaching something specific. Enjoy!

Human poses from imagination (c)

  1. Introduction to head drawing techniques
  2. Draw heads in any angle from imagination
  3. Draw and attach the neck to the head
  4. Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet, …

Perspective how-tos

  1. Divide plans in perspective
  2. Draw circles and ellipses in perspective

Courses for the future

  • Animating in Krita
  • How the human eye sees

Purpose of the lessons

  • They are meant to help you draw from imagination, meaning you won’t need to rely on photo references or visualization skills to draw a subject or scene in different angles.
  • And because we will be drawing using logic, you will also learn how to connect your drawings to create motion.

Why these lessons

  • Indeed, as I strive to achieve my goal of drawing people dancing from imagination, I realized that I actually need to teach myself how to achieve such a goal, and document everything on my road to get there.
  • The reason is that most resources about realistic drawing are in my opinion better suited for learning to draw from references. But I’m mostly interested in drawing from imagination.
  • Hence this website.

Ease to understand

  • All published content is intended to be easy to understand.
  • If this is not the case for you, please leave comments whenever appropriate.